About Us

Immaculate Construction (ICON) Social enterprise was founded in 2010 by Tim Immaculate Bih, a civil engineer. ICON is run by a group of engineers, ensuring growth and competing more effectively in developmental projects in the communities.

ICON is one of Cameroon's top infrastructure construction companies.  Our comprehensive service span multiple market segments including road rehabilitation, bridge construction, sports field construction as well as commercial landscape construction and real estate. We work for a geographically diverse client base through the head office in Bamenda - Cameroon. Combining years of experience with a singular passion for outstanding work, ICON brings an impressive track record of consistently successful projects from Cameroon.

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While each project is unique, in many ways they are similar. Consequently, we strive to achieve the same consistent set of goals with every project we complete:

  • Listen well to the needs and concerns of our client, while communicating effectively with all relevant stakeholders the vision of the project team.
  • Apply our strengths of creativity, resourcefulness and experience to each and every project challenge.
  • Execute timely and efficiently throughout the construction phase.
  • Deliver an enduring project that is constructed for its intended use.
  • Establish and maintain long-term relationships with our client, the project team, our vendors and the community we helped to improve.
Our History
Mission Statement
Company Values
Our Customers
Our Services
Our History

ICON is the acronym for Immaculate Construction. The Word Immaculate was taken from the name of the founder of this company in 2010. The founder, Tim Immaculate B., was a civil servant and a female civil engineer, and despite the sex, she had a very strong passion of becoming a social entrepreneur in the area of construction which is male dominated. She was passionate about creating job opportunities for some Cameroonians and contributing to the development of communities through the activities of the company. With all the aspirations, she founded the company in 2010 and presently it is being run by a group of engineers and the aspirations of the founder are being achieved day after day.

Mission Statement

Reaching infrastructure challenges to improve development in our communities.

Company Values

Safety. Quality. Commitment to employees. Teamwork. Integrity. Customer service.

Our Customers

Our qualified and experienced staff works with clients from both private enterprise and the public sector. Clients include private/public real estate developers and land/house owners. We work for a geographically diverse client base.

Our Services

ICON offers services in the following areas; road rehabilitation, bridge construction, sports field construction as well as commercial landscape construction, real estate, private and public buildings.

The ICON Management team


Immaculate’s responsibilities include overseeing the management of ICON Social Enterprise. She has been with ICON since creation in 2010. Ms. Immaculate has experience in all facets construction business management from equipment and methods to budgeting and forecasting. Ms. Immaculate has served as CEO since 2010. She holds a Bs in Civil Engineering Design and is also a Certified John Maxwell Team speaker, coach, and trainer.


Mr Koti joined ICON in 2011. Since then, his position has been general business management including human resources, safety, loss control, business development and public policy. Mr. Koti holds a BS in Economics and a Masters in Marketing.


Mr. Nguonam joined ICON in 2010 as an electrical engineer overseeing the electrification of projects. With his experience in the construction field over the years, his position has developed to encompass project management. So he oversees all technical works and shipping of equipment. Mr. Nguonam holds a Certificate in electrical studies and a Diploma in maritime survey.

At ICON, safety, security, commitment, teamwork and integrity are more than just words. They represent our core values and the brand we strive to live up to every day. ICON has fulfilled all requirements necessary to operate a company in Cameroon and will last for at least 99 years.

One of the Nation's Top Infrastructure Construction Companies

ICON brings an impressive track record of consistently successful projects from Cameroon.