Our products

At the moment, we recycle waste materials like cardboard and towels by producing more beautiful, sustainable and affordable furniture like round tables side stool and center tables

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Our products are uniquely sustainable, more beautiful and affordable. Every income earner can afford it.

who we are

Immaculate Construction ICON is a licensed Real Estate Company, created in 2010 to overcome infrastructure challenges and improve development in communities in Cameroon.ICON Recycling is a new product line in the company..

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our vision

To utilise waste as a resource , eliminate the need for landfill and prevent waste from becoming pollution and ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

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Our Mission statement

To minimise the disposal of recyclable materials at the landfills by producing more beautiful, sustainable, innovative and affordable products from waste materials for local and international crises.

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This is a new technological recycling concept still to be copied by competitors. Our products are new and unique in the market. We are committed to keep improving on the products and also innovatively producing new products for our valuable customers

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The Problems we provide solutions to

When cardboard is not recycled, it ends up in the landfills, pollute the environment, and contaminate the waterways and surrounding earth, posing a
health risk. Moreover, it produces Methane (greenhouse gas) as it breaks down and released into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. The same applies to fabric (towels). In order to make wooden furniture, tress must be felled and this leads to the destruction of the surrounding habitat and wildlife.Moreover, beautiful piece of wooden furniture is never affordable for the low income earners. ICON Recycling is providing solutions to these problems.

ICON Recycling is contributing to five of the
17 United Nations Sustainable Goals

Goal 1

We contribute to alleviate poverty
through the jobs we create..

Goal 8

We promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable
economic growth, full and productive employmentand decent work for all through the products we produce.

Goal 9

We contribute to promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and fostering

Goal 13

Our product is an urgent action taken to
combat climate change and its impact..

Goal 12

We are contributing to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Contact/ Location

We would love to hear from you!

Tel: +237 677 47 13 11 or +237 694 04 74 37
Location: Stone Building Opp. Chrystal
Pharmacy, Sonac Street-Bamenda
Website: www.iconcompany.org.
Email: iconcompany@yahoo.com