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It is designed for speed solutions are purpose-built for institutional. PARAGRAPHGlassnode equips institutions and individuals investors with a remarkable degree confidence to excel in trading, risk management and research within digital asset markets. Unlock data-driven decision making with charts and be notified when.

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Tracking Market Momentum with On-chain Data - The Week On-chain 6, 2024 (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)
On-chain metrics are an essential part of analyzing and understanding the behavior and trends within cryptocurrency networks. 4. On-chain metrics to evaluate a cryptocurrency's price � 1. Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) � 2. Network Value to Transaction (NVT) � 3. Stock-to-flow. Types of On-Chain Metrics & Indicators � Miner outflows � Exchange flows � Net unrealised profit or loss (NUPL) � Market value to realised value (MVRV) � Dormant.
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Historically, active addresses have correlated with price. This tells us useful information about potentially high amounts of coins that are starting to move, a common sign of profit-taking or indicating a rise in sell-side pressure. Often, raw blockchain data isn't easily accessible to the common person and requires further contextualization and deciphering for it to be useful.